Silent Electrics LLC

was built on a passion for engineering coupled with extensive experience. Jonathan, the owner of Silent Electrics, has been developing and designing electric vehicles for 15 years. His electrical engineering background includes working for NASA in designing electric aircraft. His electrical engineering knowledge, combined with years of retail experience, allows a unique approach to providing functional, fun, and when needed custom electric vehicles.

With extensive electrical knowledge, we are able to create electric vehicles that are a blast to ride. They are quiet, unlike noisy gas alternatives that have a lot of vibration, and are powerful, making riding the vehicles addictive. Our vehicles have a lot of torque with whippy acceleration to provide a reliable and enjoyable ride. There is no maintenance required like with gas- powered alternatives, with motors lasting thousands of hours with no maintenance. One of the most significant benefits of our products is there are no toxic emissions, making it healthy for you and the environment. We have a wide range of vehicles that meet your needs, even kits to build your own custom vehicle. Whether you are looking for a compact, portable scooter, a bike that can handle the mountains, or an electric aircraft to soar silently above the clouds, Silent Electrics has you covered.