Silent Electrics, in conjunction

with North Wing of the USA

(the most prolific trike and wing manufacturer in the US) has developed America’s first electric launch soaring trike. Using the best brushless DC motors and the most energy dense li-ion battery cells available (220 Wh/kg) we have developed the perfect soaring trike. No noisy, smoke spewing engines to spoil an otherwise perfect soaring experience. No gas, no oil, low noise, no maintenance, practically free to fly…what more could you want?!

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Silent Electrics offers complete

electric propulsion kits so you can electrify your ride.

We supply the motor, controller, battery pack, and propeller and you supply the aircraft and BOOM a match made in heaven! We only use the best components available, aircraft grade motors and controllers designed for aircraft use. We have the most energy dense li-ion batteries available on the market today that will give you longer flight times.

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We are an authorized dealer for

MIA Micro-Flight RC aircraft.

We offer the most amazing and hard-to-find RC electric aircraft in the world! From microlights/trikes to Quicksilver ultralights to gyrocopters. There is nothing else like MIA aircraft on the market – ANYWHERE! These aircraft offer an amazing flying experience and a call to the unique aircraft that make up the full-size ultralight aircraft movement in America’s history. Click now to see what we’ve got!

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Silent Electrics recommends

FPV Goggles and Micro Transmitting Video Cameras 

Let's face it, some of us can't come up with the dough for a full-size electric aircraft.  But there IS a solution for that too!  Thanks to modern micro-transmitting video cameras and FPV (first-person-view) goggles you can fly your RC aircraft like you are actually in the pilot seat.  Of course there are regulations you have to follow, but it's a blast and the cost is much lower than a full-size aircraft.  Check out this model at Amazon.  There are many others to choose from, but this one is inexpensive and works fine.